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Remembering the Golden West

It was August 1992 and Southern Pacific had just recently introduced the Golden West branding on some freight cars. I was on my way back from work with a free roll of Agfachrome 50 slide film and I made these photos at SP’s South San Francisco yard.

It’s hard to resist fresh paint and so I made a variety of detail shots.

At the time I was managing an E6 color film processing machine for a photo studio nearby, so the next day I ran the film through the soup and mounted the slides at home.

SP_Golden_West_cars_summer_1992Brian Solomon 234120 SP_Golden_West_cars_summer_1992_Brian Solomon 234119 SP_Golden_West_cars_summer_1992_Brian Solomon 234118

Back then I only used E6 films for ‘supporting’ photographs and extra shots. Anything that I deemed really important, I exposed on Kodachrome 25.

What I recall about the Agfachrome was that it had a decidedly reddish bias as compared with K25, but was less contrasty.


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