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Northern Pacific 328 at Dawn.

It’s hard to beat steam in the glint light! Dick Gruber and I spent the weekend of August 17, 1996, photographing Northern Pacific 4-6-0 328 working Wisconsin Central trackage in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota.

While we made many fine images on that trip, for me the money-shot was this one I exposed of the locomotive steaming up at Dresser, Wisconsin as the sun rose.

Exposed on Fuji Provia 100F with a Nikon F3T.
Exposed on Fuji Provia 100F with a Nikon F3T.

There’s an old adage among photographers: ‘f5.6 and be there!’

I’ve said before, and it’s true. The best way to get great photos is to be there when it happens. And that’s the real secret.

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