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Brian’s Visual Puzzle in THREE photos.

Do you knowyour history? You’ll need it to in order to solve this one! But the short answer is more about today than long ago.

Here are three photographs with a common theme.

There’s two levels, but I’ll accept the basic answer as correct.

For those of you who really know the history, you can give me the more detailed answer.

Think simple: this is not overly complicated, but what isn’t written in two of the photos are keys to the conundrum.

To save you some time and rule out some lines of thought, the answer(s):

Have nothing to do with propulsion;

Or signals; Or Personalities.

And are not overtly relevant to my Irish travels.

Also: There’s no relevance to the puzzle regarding dates the photos were exposed, or the lighting, or film versus digital. It’s not about weather or lenses.

I exposed all photographs at different times on different days, but don’t be watching clocks. The correct answer has a lot to do with something that doesn’t appear in ANY of the three photos, but is often featured on Tracking the Light.

Post your ‘correct’ answers in the Tracking the Light comments, on Facebook, via email, etc.

I’ll reveal my solution(s) in a few days.

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