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Long Lens, Small Trains; Another Take on last weekend’s Railroad Hobby Show

I used my Lumix LX7 for my earlier post of photos at the Amherst Railway Society’s BIG Railroad Hobby Show (held last weekend at the Big E fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts).

Ah, my old Lumix. Yes indeed. But, I was also carrying a FujiFilm X-T1 digital camera fitted with a ‘fast’ (wide aperture) 90mm lens.

Using a 90mm lens at f2  allowed me to make telephoto views with very shallow depth of field.

I think selective focus is a neat technique for capturing model railways. It’s a great tool for making portraits too.

Below is a selection of views exposed at last weekend’s show made with my fast 90mm.

Any favorites?

Lego my caboose!

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Dozens of NEW Photos—Big Train Show at West Springfield!

Below is a selection of images exposed with my Lumix LX7 at Amherst Railway Society’s annual Big Train Show at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

It was a great show with lots of trains, models, people. Frankly, it was sensory overload.

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Big_TRAIN_show_P1370595Big_Train_Show_Mike_w_kids_P1370544Big_Train_Show_John_and_Dave_P1370550Big_Train_Show_George_Corey_and_Bill_Keay_and_Pop_P1370525Big_Train_Show_Erie_Box_car_P1370554Big_TRAIN_Show_CSX_P1370510Big_TRAIN_show_clowns_P1370620Big_Train_Show_Budd_Car_P1370556Big_TRAIN_Show_BNSF_pan_P1370511Big_TRAIN_Show_BNSF_pan_P1370513Big_TRAIN_Show_Bill_S_P1370505Big_TRAIN_show_B&A_car_P1370575New Material Every Day!

Tracking the Light EXTRA: Big Railroad Hobby Show at the BIG E in West Springfield this weekend Jan 30-31, 2016.

The annual Big Railroad Hobby Show takes place this weekend.

I’ll be there on Saturday making models look like full size trains, and visiting with friends.

These views are from the 2011 show. Hard to believe that was FIVE years ago.

CB&Q SD40s pan P1000808
January 2011; Lumix LX3
Lumix LX3
Lumix LX3
Lumix LX3.
Lumix LX3.

I find the show to be a like a big railway Brigadoon. It exists for a little more than 48 hours and then vanishes into the mist for another year.

See Amherst Railway Society’s site for details: http://www.railroadhobbyshow.com

Hope to see you there!

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