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J-Class 4-8-4 Upclose!

Working with my Nikon Z7-II, I made these close-up views of Norfolk & Western J-Class number 611 at Strasburg.

This is a very popular locomotive!

I opted for some low-angle views in part for dramatic effect, but also to stay below the army of cell-photo photographers captivated by the J-class under steam.

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Norfolk & Western J at Strasburg, PA

It was frosty on Monday morning when Kris & I visited the Strasburg Rail Road. Among the equipment we photographed was the famous Norfolk & Western J-Class 4-8-4 number 611.

In recent years this magnificent late-era steam locomotive has made guest appearances on the Strasburg Rail Road.

The enormous streamliner seems a bit out of place on the rural branchline, but it was great to see and photograph this machine again.

The big locomotive was cold. We were not so fortunate to catch it in action, although over the years, I have photographed 611 on various occasions under steam.

All photos were made with a Nikon Z7-II with Nikkor Z-series 24-70mm zoom lens.

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Six Years Ago—611 passes Markham, Virginia.

June 6, 2015: I was traveling with Pat Yough to photograph Norfolk & Western streamlined 4-8-4 #611.

I made these photos of the locomotive and its excursions train passing Markham, Virgina.

FujiFilm XT1 photo adjusted in Adobe Lightroom for color and contrast.
FujiFilm XT1 photo adjusted in Adobe Lightroom for color and contrast.

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New England Central with ‘Drop Under’ light at Brattleboro, Vermont.

In October 2015, I made this photograph of New England Central train 611 arriving at Brattleboro having returned from Palmer, Mass.

The setting sun was illuminating clouds from below, making for that colorful event known as ‘drop under’.

I was working with a Lumix LX7, that allows the photographer to work in JPG and RAW simultaneously.

Below are two versions of the same photo. The top image is the camera-generated JPG, the second is heavily adjusted image that I created by working with the camera RAW file.

There is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ when it comes to adjusting color, however there are some basic guidelines and guiding theory.

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