Shocking Railroad Photographic Technique? (Hint, if you’re not viewing Tracking the Light, Click the link)

Every so often I like to stir up the muck, open a few eyes, raise a few fists, and perhaps invoke a couple of smiles.

I made this digital photograph using a recently devised camera technique. I created  the image  ‘in-camera’ using my mirror-less FujiFilm X-T1 with the electronic shutter; I did this without unusual external attachments, filters or complicated post-processing manipulation.

So, how did I do it? And why?


Shocking railroad photograph? Sometimes a technique is so raw, so radical, or so non-conventional, your eyes will grip the results, while your brain tries to add up the dots.

Tracking the Light runs Raw!









7 comments on “Shocking Railroad Photographic Technique? (Hint, if you’re not viewing Tracking the Light, Click the link)

  1. Rest assured, there’ll be no photos like that in the books. Not just yet anyway!

  2. Taken at an angle from inside a hatchback through rear window where it curves?

    Why? To produce an AF photo? To emulate how the Acela trains would have looked on curves if there were enough clearance for tilting? A simile for how Amtrak is squeezed for funds? To show how a regional train would look as it approaches the speed of light on one of the few straightaways that allow Amtrak to simulate “high speed”?

    BTW I just bought 4 of your recent books via your publisher’s 40% off sale (use code “BEST15” for 40% off all products at good only through today 12/13/15. I don’t expect to see any photos like this one in your books!

  3. Good guess; 1/3 correct, but not HDR. I’ve found that technique produces an altogether different effect (or result, if you prefer).

  4. Brian Jennison on said:

    No… much too early in the day for outrage. 🙂

  5. In camera HDR while moving the camera?

  6. Is your fist in the air?

  7. Brian Jennison on said:

    Yeh, for sure, “why” is definitely the question to be asked… 🙂

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