Railway Station Chernivsti, Ukraine.

In July 2007, I was about to board a long distance train for L’viv, when I exposed this photo at Chernivsti, Ukraine on Fujichrome with my Canon EOS 3 with 100mm lens.

The main railway station at Chernivsti, Ukraine in July 2007.

Ukraine was a great place to watch and ride trains, except for the business of buying tickets, which I found unusually challenging, especially without the ability to speak Ukrainian!

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2 comments on “Railway Station Chernivsti, Ukraine.

  1. At one time I was considering a book that would feature a collection of photos depicting Pre-WWI Hapsburg cities as they appear in modern times. The problem I found is that publishers had a hard time with my concept.

  2. Michael Walsh on said:

    Once upon a time it was the one of the most distant stations of the pre WWI Austrian rail network, reached after about 36 hours from Vienna via Krakow and lots of other places. Still looks mighty impressive.

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