Portrait of New England Central 3476.

Last week I made this digital portrait of New England Central 3476 using my FujiFilm XT1 with f2.0 90mm lens.

Soft cross lighting combined with a wide aperture made for pleasing photographic conditions to picture this engine against a backdrop of  Vermont colorful autumn trees and distant New Hampshire hills.

The locomotive was working New England Central’s Brattleboro (Vermont) to Palmer (Massachusetts) turn freight, job 611, and was among many images I exposed that day.

This old EMD-built locomotive has a long history, having worked for Southern Pacific and Union Pacific before coming east to New England. I wonder if I crossed paths with it up on Donner Pass, in the Tehachapis, or on former Rio Grande lines in Colorado and Utah?

Brattleboro, Vermont.

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5 comments on “Portrait of New England Central 3476.

  1. I was not particularly enamored of NECR’s paint scheme (or the new P&W’s after the change in ownership) until I saw your locomotive portrait here. This composition is perfect, especially with respect to perspective, light, and color. The positioning of the 2 masses of almost identical shades of yellow with such distinctively different textures is brilliant. Great capture!

  2. It wasn’t in my plan. Why?

  3. Will you be at Old Saybrook on Saturday around 1 and/or 4:45 to photograph diesel/steam engine switch on P&W passenger train?

  4. Jack Humphrey on said:

    Very nice.

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