Path Photograph—27 Years Ago Today.

It was a dismal rainy evening two days before Christmas 1988. I had two Leicas. With one I was running some tests on color filtration with a new flavor of Kodak Ektachrome (remember that?) for a class I was taking in color photography.

In the other Leica, my dad’s M3, I had a sole roll of Kodak Plus-X (ISO 125, that I rated at ISO 80).

My pal TSH and I were exploring New York City area transit on one of the busiest travel days of the season, and I was making photos trying to capture the spirit of motion.

Among the images I made, was this photograph of a PATH train crossing the massive lift bridge east of Newark Penn Station.

Exposed using a Leica M3 with 50mm Summicron on Kodak Plus X (rated at ISO80).
Exposed using a Leica M3 with 50mm Summicron on Kodak Plus X (rated at ISO80).

The other day I scanned this negative and processed the image electronically in Lightroom, where I minimized the dust that had accumulated over the last three decades.

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2 comments on “Path Photograph—27 Years Ago Today.

  1. The trip where we parked the car was in the summer of 1986. And the neighborhood was a bit on the dodgy side, but I think we had my old Plymouth Scamp, which fit right in! 😉

  2. On a recent trip to NYC Beth, Anna, and I rode Path from Jersey City to Manhattan. I also remember a trip-this one or some similar trip-during which we parked my car on the city streets near the Newark Penn Station in a very questionable neighborhood. I wonder if it is better or worse in 2015? TSH

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