Oh no! NOT these again.

Pure evil so far as I’m concerned.

And more and more common in Europe.

I’m told its the law.

What are these you ask?

Sound barriers.

New sound barriers along SBB’s mainline over the Gotthard Pass at Fluellen, Switzerland. These barriers don’t add anything ¬†positive to the scene: they block the view of the train, and they make for a renegade’s canvas. Photographed in April 2017.

A poor trade off in my opinion; instead of a bit of occasional noise you face an ugly wall. And it won’t get any prettier when the vandals show up can in hand.

They are photographer’s nightmare.

What to do?

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2 comments on “Oh no! NOT these again.

  1. Tom Rochford on said:

    …I would rather listen to or watch a train than have (ugly) graffiti in front of my window continuously.

  2. Phil on said:

    If you think about this, the “wall” doubles as a security feature. Railroads are always concerned about vandalism, terrorism (especially but not limited to Europe) and ….trespassers.
    I don’t how fast the trains are going in this area but if they’re going “normal” speeds, imagine the view from inside the train. The imaginary tour guide: “On the left we have or on the right we have… UGH!! Or, Ugly, is correct! I also have to wonder how effective this thing is abating the train noise? The whining sound from the electric locomotives I’ve heard would certainly echo and bounce off these walls and multiply noise.
    Now, this would something to do in B&W!

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