New England Central at State Line Crossing—Two Recent Photos.

In recent days, New England Central’s Willimantic, Conn., to Palmer., Mass., turn running as job 608, has been back on its daylight schedule, which sees it reaching Stafford Springs, Connecticut at about 730am.

Thursday (November 21, 2019), I made a morning project of intercepting the train and photographing it on its northward run.

At the Massachusetts-Connecticut state line, the railroad crests the top of a divide known as ‘State Line Hill’ and begins its descent toward Palmer. Just north of the top of the hill the tracks cross Route 32, which is where I set up to make my photo.

This view was made using my FujiFilm X-T1 with 90mm prime telephoto.

I aimed to make a split scene, where the highway and railroad cross at the center and direct the eye to opposite sides of the frame.

The subject is the train, which has just caught the sun at the intersection of the state boundary.

The second view in shows the locomotive better, but is a less evocative image.

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4 comments on “New England Central at State Line Crossing—Two Recent Photos.

  1. David A Cook on said:

    Pity you don’t do sound recordings as well, Brian. That 5-chime horn would sound lovely echoing through the woods!

  2. I suppose the irony here is that I received your comment while processing my black & white film from the same morning.

  3. Evocative? Really!
    OOOWWW! A 29 cent word.
    From what I could see the whole photo was “evocative”! It literally rendered (in the nicest way) an emotional response since brought tears to my eyes because the whole thing lacked detail. A first I thought it was taken dawn or sunset but I then remembered the short, gray days of winter in New England when the sun barely rises above the trees. Maybe I should hunt down my magnifying glass.
    At least is was in color (what the viewer could see of it) or thankfully it wasn’t B&W!

  4. Nice!

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