My ‘culls’ from the 2019 Amherst Railway Society Hobby Show.

Extras and Outtakes

So what do I do with the extra photographs? You know, the images good enough to expose and edit, but not good enough to make my first, second or third presentations?

I exhibit them here! Hooray!

Sometimes we can learn from the outtakes.

Any favorites?

Tracking the Light Posts Daily!

3 comments on “My ‘culls’ from the 2019 Amherst Railway Society Hobby Show.

  1. DAVID N CLINTON on said:

    Wished you’d stopped by our tables…I would have liked to have greeted you–it’s been awhile! We had a new HO car related to Worcester and a great magazine article about railroads in Worcester, which is your old “stomping grounds”!
    South Shore Model Railway Club & Museum
    New Haven RR Historical & Technical Assoc.

  2. Michael H. Ebner on said:

    I now have looked multiple times at your wonderful Amherst images.

    The ones you sent out today — 1/30/19 — are reminiscent of the model railway scenes in Mr. Roger’s land-of-make-believe.

    An aside: I relish viewing your daily images.

    Best wishes on hitting the 500,000 mark!

    Today in Chicago, with temperatures in the minus teens range, our Metra commuter system is challenged.

    From Metra report on the Union Pacific-North Line that runs from Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago to Kenosha WI, at approximately 8 AM: “Inbound and outbound trains may be operating up to 25 minutes behind schedule, speed restrictions and harsh sub-freezing temperatures.”

  3. David Wilson on said:

    Favorites? The last two images. I like the sunset (or is that a sunrise?) and the details of the wheel and rods with the steam.

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