METRA Sunset at Highlands, Illinois

Metra train at Sunset
Highlands, Illinois on February 25,1995

On February 25,1995, I made this atmospheric image of an inbound Metra train on the ‘Burlington Triple Track’ at Highlands, Illinois (Today a BNSF mainline). A mix of thin high clouds and smog has tinted the winter sun. A cropped version appeared on the cover of Passenger Train Journal issue 217. At the time, I was employed as an Associate Editor at Pentrex Publishing, including PTJ, and often contributed photograph to the Pentrex magazines.

Also see: yesterday’s post on Metra’s F40Cs.

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2 comments on “METRA Sunset at Highlands, Illinois

  1. Yes, cropped horizontally.

  2. Sean Solomon on said:

    Wasnt this the front cover of the magazine? I have a copy of a bunch of those magazines in the Viola street attic.

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