Maine Central-44 Years Ago.

On our recent visit to New England, Kris and I collected another batch of my older photographs from my parents attic.

Among these were a box labeled, ‘Maine Central-Seconds’.

Not to brag, but these were of the Maine Central before Guilford. Most of the images were of marginal quality, but of great interest.

I exposed these three Kodachrome 64 slides on the Rockland Branch at Bath, Maine on June 1980 trip to visit my grandparents. Traffic on Route 1 was pretty bad, so we got off the road for a little while to relax.

At the time, I was using a 1937-8 vintage Leica 3A 35mm rangefinder. Based on the angle of view, I guess I was working with a Nikkor 35mm lens, which was one of my favorites at the time. It was a very sharp piece of glass. To gauge my exposure I had a handheld Weston Master III light meter.