Leap Card on Leap Day

I’m taking a leap forward in this extra post for 29 February 2024.

The Irish Leap Card is a transit fare storage card roughly equivalent to the London Oyster Card.

This gives you a nominal fare discount and allows for an easier way to pay for transit fare on buses/trams/sububan trains in Dublin and on local trains and buses in Cork.

I bought my first Leap Card back in 2014. I have a collection of these now. When we arrived at Dublin Airport, I checked the balance on two of my cards and found that I had more than 25 Euro stored there.

Since today was Leap Day, Kris and I leaped on Irish Rail’s Cork-Cobh service, which puts this post ahead of many of the earlier posts that will follow over the coming days.

To set the record straight, tomorrow, I’ll resume with a more-or-less chronological review of our Irish-UK adventures.