It Looks Like A Model.

The other day I focused my FujiFilm XT1 down on a passing DB Cargo AG Class 187 electric as it rolled south along the Rhein south of Lorch, Germany.

FujiFilm XT1 with 90mm prime telephoto; ISO 400, f2.2 1/640. Panned with locomotive. Camera JPG file without adjustment or modification.

This soft-lit shallow-focus panned view with a simple background makes the modern Bombardier electric seem like an HO-scale model.

It isn’t. It is a full-size machine and I really was standing there along the Rhein.

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3 comments on “It Looks Like A Model.

  1. I give talks several times a year and typically advertise them in advance on Tracking the Light. My next scheduled talk with be to the Irish Railway Record Society in Cork, Ireland on Tuesday 15 October 2019. I’ll post details as the date approaches.

  2. Catherine Lopez on said:

    My 8 year old son loves railroad crossings. It has been difficult for me to find books that he likes but I purchased “Classic Railroad Signals” for him and he loves it. I was wondering if you ever tour and/or do talks. I would love to take him to here you speak.


  3. Several years ago, I took an eb cruise boat along the Rhine.
    The rail traffic on both sides of the river was astounding! From the boat and at each port, I did some rail photography.

    My impression was that most (all?) of the freights were private operations. (AND FAST!)

    At Cologne, I hiked up to a spot near the rr bridge entrance and enjoyed the traffic density….but no freight.

    I’d do it again but I can’t endure any more overseas travel.

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