Foray into Infrared—Part 1.

The other day, I loaded my old Nikon F3T with Rollei 35mm black & white Infrared film. A few weeks earlier I tested a roll of this emulsion and processed it to determine the ideal chemistry, times and temperature.

These photos are from the second roll, which benefited from refined processing technique.

All photos were exposed as recommended by the manufacturer using a 25A (red) filter. To obtain more extreme infrared effects I’d need to use a 72R (deep red) filter. Since I’m not in possession of one of these, we’ll have to wait for that experiment.

By design, infrared film yields high contrast images with brilliant highlights and inky dark shadows. (Blue light is rendered darker than with pictorial pan chromatic emulsions, so blue sky and shadows appear unnaturally dark.)

Processed using Agfa Rodinal Special mixed 1-31 with water. Timing adjusted to keep highlights in check.

I made these photographs along Dublin’s LUAS Red Line on Abbey Street. Late low sun made for especially dramatic lighting.


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One comment on “Foray into Infrared—Part 1.

  1. Michael Walsh on said:

    Interesting results – gives a great sense of drama and canyon-like streets, even with Dublin’s low rise.

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