Erie Code Lines: Horseheads, New York, October 5, 2009

Code_lines_Horseheads NY Oct 5 2009 Brian Solomon 087488

Here’s another view from along the old Erie Mainline. Once common, the picket-fence effect of multiple-tier code lines along American mainlines has largely vanished in recent decades. These poles and wires are a vestige of another time, another era. Today, when wireless information reigns supreme, such archaic remnants remind us how much has changed. I exposed this view with my Canon EOS-3 and f2.8 200mm lens on Fujichrome. Will film soon go the way of the code line? Banished to realm of obscure obsolescence? Relegated to curiosity by newer technology—faster, easier, cheaper, and yet more ephemeral.

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One comment on “Erie Code Lines: Horseheads, New York, October 5, 2009

  1. Sean Solomon on said:

    Im sure soon enough the masses of people will begin losing digital pictures forever to the electronic ether and then maybe there will be some intelligent discussion about the subject of archival photography.

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