East Deerfield Classic.

There’s only a handful of locomotives left operational in the classic Guilford paint scheme.

Classic? Yes, this livery has been worn by New England locomotives for more than 35 years. So the other day, when I saw Maine Central 305 working the west end of East Deerfield, I thought it made for a great photo in the year 2019.

The first time I saw a locomotive in this paint scheme on the Boston & Maine was back in 1983, and that was from the windows of a Mystic Valley excursion to the Hoosac Tunnel.

I made this view using my Lumix LX7.

Hard to believe the old Boston & Maine yard tower still stands too.

Take nothing for granted.

Tracking the Light Observes Daily.

2 comments on “East Deerfield Classic.

  1. About 10 yrs ago in Gardner, MA, I photographed an engine with the same livery except for one change: the “R” had been carefully changed to an “F”. The change was so good it may well have been done in the RR’s paint shop by a disgruntled employee!

  2. Bob Morse on said:

    As a long time (really long time) resident of Massachusetts, I have no particular love for Guildford paint schemes, but……….
    Your observation of “Take nothing for granted.” says it all. I have taken just a few pictures of B&M F units, just a few pictures of GP-7;s and GP-9’s, just a few pictures of RDC’s (Budd cars to me). All were so common at the time, that I never took enough pictures.
    Stations, active rail locations, common locomotives, and railcars. They’ll all be gone; take pictures now.

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