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Midwest Railway Photography Extravaganza: I was There!


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Last Friday evening, November 8, 2013, I attended the annual Beecherfest railway photography event held near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Beecherfest has evolved from a living-room slide show into one of the most prestigious non-pretentious railway photography events. About 200 people attended to enjoy more than 6 hours of digitally presented railway images.


I was awed by the exceptionally quality of railway photography—some of the best of I’ve seen ANYWHERE—and also the professional quality of the programs and their presentation.

The hosts were Bill and Marshall Beecher. Presenters included: Nick Benson, Craig Williams, Craig Willett, Eric T. Hendrickson, Matt Hereen, and Sayre Kos. The Beechers themselves had two of the finest programs.

Tech-support roadie Chris Guss not only helped with the presentations, but offered his own program that featured stunning images of rails north of the Arctic Circle illuminated by the Northern Lights.

This was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and put faces to names.

I made a few photos of the event with my Canon 7D.

Bill Beecher.
Bill Beecher.
Marshall Beecher.
Marshall Beecher.

Bill_Beecher_blue_screen_IMG_1067Bill_Beecher_IMG_1057Beecherfest has its own Facebook page and has rapidly evolved into one of the most popular enthusiast slide shows.

Congratulations to Marshall and Bill for a grand night out! Cheers!

Brian Solomon—November 15, 2013


Dick Gruber and Mike Schafer.
Dick Gruber and Mike Schafer.
John Gruber and Craig Willett
John Gruber and Craig Willett


Photo by Dick Gruber. 'Dick, it's the button on the right. No the little starred one. Wait! Don't forget to focus . . . hold on . . . did you get the picture? Let's try that again . . ."
Photo by Dick Gruber. ‘Dick, it’s the button on the right. No the little starred one. Wait! Don’t forget to focus . . . hold on . . . did you get the picture? Let’s try that again . . .”


I was there! Were you? See the Beecherfest Facebook page.

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8 comments on “Daily Post: Beecherfest 2013

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  3. Hey, that photo of the two of us Dick took turned out! Great to meet you Brian!

  4. Justin Hendrickson on said:

    Great article of such a great event! It’s always a blast to say “I was there” as each great year goes by!

  5. Thanks Marshall! Great job!

  6. T.J. Van Haag on said:

    The last 2 photographs you posted… the 2nd to last, the one with the gentleman in the blue shirt facing away from you was a group shot of everyone present that has time working for the railroad ( well except for one), the last shot was a group shot of everyone present that were Wisconsin Central Alumni.

  7. Marshall Beecher on said:

    Excellent continuation of your “Tracking the Light” series, Brian. We’re so glad you had a great time at the event, wonderful series of images that accompany your experience at what has become one of the more fun and engaging railroad photography events in the U.S. Nice to see that you “were there!” and hope that you can make more events (and even present!) in the coming years! All the best!


  8. Brian Jennison on said:

    Beer! Yeh! None of those stupid restrictive rules like at formal places!

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