Conrail in the Bowels of New Jersey.

On the old Lehigh Valley, August 1, 1986.

It was a hot, humid and hazy morning. The sunlight was tinted by gauzy smog which softened the scene.

Bob Karambelas and I were exploring the junction at Hunter Tower in Newark, New Jersey, where the former Lehigh Valley crossed the old Pennsylvania Railroad electrified mainline.

Conrail on Lehigh Valley at Newark NJ 206pm Aug 1 1986 Mod-1 Brian Solomon 662698

A westward freight with a pair of SD40-2s was departing Oak Island yard and I exposed this view looking a down a grungy side street with a 200mm lens.

I’ve always been fascinated with urban images like this, where the railroad is prominent but not necessarily dominant, and passes through post industrial decay. Look at the grime on surface of the street and the great beat up old cars!

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Learn more about the evolution of the railroad network, see my book: North American Railroad Family Trees published by Voyageur Press.


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