Honestly, it sounds like the sort of place where you’d find a witch!

In truth, its the convergence of Dublin’s LUAS, Irish Rail’s suburban service, and the the Royal Canal.

I’d traveled on the LUAS Green Line extension from the Dublin City Centre to the end of the line. Soft afternoon sun with fluffy clouds allowed for myriad angles of the trams and the railway.

I had a tight connection of less than ten miutes from the time I stepped off the tram until the train for Pearse Station arrived.

During this interval, I used my Nikon Z6 to make a few photos. There’s nothing like a footbridge to provide needed elevation.

Broombridge, Dublin, Ireland.
Note the footbridge to the right of the tram.
There are relatively few places to get good views of the tops of LUAS trams.
An Irish Rail 29000-series CAF built diesel railcar approaches its station stop at Broombridge. The old Royal Canal is to the right of the railway.
Broombridge offers a convenient transfer point between the LUAS and Irish Rail.

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