Belgium’s Train World.

Located adjacent to the SNCB lines at Schaarbeek (on the north side of Brussels), Train World is Belgium’s premier railway museum.

I visited last week, having arrived by train from the Brussels suburbs. I’d bought my museum ticket in conjunction with my SNCB fare.

City trams also serve the museum.

You enter Train World from the old railway station building, which has been beautifully restored. Beyond are a series of train halls, that display the history of Belgian railways using real equipment: locomotives, railway rolling stock, signals, literature, signage, etc.

It’s well worth a visit.

Photos exposed using my Lumix LX7

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3 comments on “Belgium’s Train World.

  1. It was dark in the room, so I can’t say for certain precisely how the smoke effect was achieved, but it appeared to an angled shaped screen with moving smoke effects projected onto it. I think it looks more impressive in the photos than it did in person.

  2. Jack Humphrey on said:

    The images taken in the museum are awesome!

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos. Definitely a First Class destination.

    I don’t understand the “smoke” visible in the two 12004 photos. Is a three-dimensional mass of painted styraphone? Balsa? How is it suspended?

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