A View From The Bronx, summer 1978.

 I don’t have a lot of bus photos, but . . .

It was probably the first week of August. It was hot, humid, and stinky in New York City. The bus carried an aroma of garbage, sweat and diesel exhaust.

My grandmother, my brother Sean and I took a cross town bus from Coop City to Forham Road to go shopping.

My grandmother paid our fare, and we went to the back. As we stopped to collect passengers, I made a series of photos with my Leica, as you do. Right?

riding-a-NY-city-bus-circa-This was one of several photos I exposed with my Leica 3A with 50mm Summitar on black & white film.

The bus was ok, but I preferred our excursions on the subway.

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2 comments on “A View From The Bronx, summer 1978.

  1. Well, either, as a kid I labeled the negatives incorrectly and mixed up a December bus ride with the August one, or the New Yorkers on the bus are all nuts.
    Your call.

  2. Christopher Playford on said:

    If it is the first week of August, why are people wearing coats and hats?

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