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Ghost of the Lackawanna—Daily Post

October 2003.

I was traveling with Tim Doherty in Pennsylvania. A full moon illuminated the landscape. We opted to make time exposures of  the Herculean former Lackawanna Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct at Nicholson, Pennsylvania.

We opted for several vantage points. This view was exposed from a graveyard located on a hill above Nicholson to the west.

Lackawanna bridge
Nicholson, Pennsylvania by the light of moon. What sort of lunatic stands around in a grave yard on moon-lit October night without film in the camera?

Using my Nikon F3T firmly planted on a Bogan tripod, I exposed this image for more than a minute. The filtered moonlight allowed for a ethereal image of the viaduct.

I’m not completely satisfied with the photo. It doesn’t really convey the immense size of the bridge and the foreground is underexposed.

However, what really annoys me is that most of the photos I tried to make that evening never existed. In the darkness, I grabbed the wrong Nikon body. As it turned out, I failed to load that camera. So there was a lot of standing around making time exposures without a recording media in the camera! Poor show.

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