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There has to be Rain for a Rainbow.

One week ago, I was sitting in the North Tower of Conway Scenic’s North Conway Station. To the west the sun was shining. To the east it was pouring rain, and the rain was still falling all around. I said to Conway’s operations manager, Derek Palmieri, ‘There must be a rainbow.’

And there was!

Briefly it was a full, but faint, double.

Outside I went, where I made a variety of photos with my Lumix LX7 and FujiFilm XT1 cameras.

This one is from the Lumix.

Sometimes where there’s a rainbow is a sign of change. A fortuitous signal for the future. And this is how I see it.

Tracking the Light posts Every Day!

Rainbow with Dublin’s LUAS-3 Photos.

On 2 October 2017, I was walking the LUAS Red Line in Dublin. The sun was out but a dark cloud was fast approaching from the north.

I could I see the rain coming.

While watching the sky, I met fellow photographer Ciarán Cooney. He too was watching the lighting conditions unfold, but was heading for the tram.

He said to me, “I have bad luck with rainbows. I suppose I’ll see this on Tracking the Light!”

A minute later he boarded the LUAS tram that appears in these images.

Lumix LX7 photo, Dublin, Ireland.

A LUAS Red Line tram on Benburb Street in Dublin. Lumix LX7 photo.

Less tram, more rainbow.

Tracking the Light posts daily.


No Pot of Gold at East Deerfield, Massachusetts.

This is the second in my series of East Deerfield ‘Railfan’s Bridge’ farewell; See: Railfan’s Bridge at East Deerfield—my First Farewell.

Sunday, June 25, 2017, Tim and I had circled Pan Am Railway’s East Deerfield classification yard trying to find an angle, or a train.

The sun was out, and it was raining. Tim said, “This is some pretty weird weather.”

We crossed the old “Railfan’s Bridge” (McClelland Farm Road), and I looked eastward over the yard and shouted, ‘Holy —-, Look at the rainbow!’

It started out faint, and gradually grew more intense as the sun emerged from a cloud-bank.

Although it hung in the sky for ten minutes or more, there wasn’t a wheel turning. Pity too. I think of all the thousands of photos I’ve made around East Deerfield and in all kinds of light, but I’d never caught a rainbow before!

Exposed using my FujFilm X-T1 with 18-135mm lens and Lee 0.6 graduated neutral density filter.


Rainbow over the Rhein—September 3, 2015

The sun low on the horizon often provides the most colorful light of the day. It had rained and above the clouds were just thinning, and the sun dropped under for a few minutes.

Denis McCabe and I went down the west bank of the Rhein in Köln, and I made this view of a tram crossing with a fleeting rainbow in the eastern sky.

Yes, there’s a bit of luck involved, but also it helps to recognize when the light is about to get interesting.

LX7 photo, camera set for 'Vivid color profile. Köln, Germany, 3 September 2015.
LX7 photo, camera set for ‘Vivid color profile. Köln, Germany, 3 September 2015.


Tram with a Rainbow—August 27, 2015.

Yesterday afternoon some unsettled weather blew through Dublin. In the course of less than an hour the sky went from blue to cloudy with rain showers and then back to blue.

Walking along the LUAS Red Line, I spotted an iridescent glow in the sky. It didn’t last long, but I thought I’d try to work with it.


As always, I had my LX7 handy.

Colour in the sky over Dublin.
Colour in the sky over Dublin.


Trams run about every five minutes this time of day, so I made the most of my window.

To make the most of these photos I had to adjust contrast and saturation in Lightroom. I avoided the temptation to over do it. After all the rainbow should appear as I saw it. It didn’t need over-enhancement, just balance. I’ll write more about this subject later, but one of the great advancements of the digital age is the ability to control contrast in photos.