South Station, Boston, Massachusetts—in B&W and Color.

I rarely travel with just one camera.

These days, I typically have at least one digital camera and a film camera loaded with either black & white or color slide film, plus a back-up instant photo capture/transmitter that subs as a portable telegraph, mobile map, music box, and portable phone.

On my May 6, 2017 visit to South Station with the New York Central System Historical Society, I made a variety of color photos using my Lumix LX7, and traditional black & white photos with an old Leica IIIa loaded with Ilford HP5.

So! Do you have any favorite photos from this selection? Which camera do you feel better captures Boston’s South Station?

Lumix LX7 photo.
Lumix LX7 photo.
Lumix LX7 photo.
Leica IIIa photo on Ilford HP5.
Leica IIIa photo on Ilford HP5.
Lumix LX7 photo.
Leica IIIa photo on Ilford HP5.
Leica IIIa photo on Ilford HP5.
Leica IIIa photo on Ilford HP5.
Leica IIIa photo on Ilford HP5.

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4 comments on “South Station, Boston, Massachusetts—in B&W and Color.

  1. Robert Willoughby Jones on said:

    Your long view of South Station’s facade with the flowers is exemplary! Would love to see it in color!

  2. Favorite shot…the New England States doorway shot
    Prefer color for THESE train pictures

  3. Phil on said:

    Hi Brian!
    While the B&W is more of a work of “art” if I had my ‘druthers I prefer the color versions.
    The viewer gets the photo full of the contrast of colors of railroading and the trains pictured. The bright yellow line at the edge of the platform, the unique magenta color of the locomotive and the “gritty” part of railroading shown with the closeup of the flag and doorway of the New England States that likely wouldn’t show up in a B&W photo. Although, the bugs or stone chips do show up in one of the B&W photos.
    For the photographers not familiar with railroading other than the wait at a grade crossing watch the train speed (sometimes) by it puts some “personality” into a mechanical thing.
    Have you ever tried a “sepia” filter on either color or B&W?
    I took some photos of the Grand Canyon using a sepia filter. It was very unique. It kind of reminded me of the old “Roto” section of the Sunday Springfield Republican newspaper.
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your photos. It’s pretty obvious you enjoy your chosen field of endeavor.
    formerly of Springfield, MA

  4. Paul Goewey on said:

    They are all good Brian color and B&W thats good that you got a picture of Bill to.

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