Brian’s Morning View at Islandbridge: An Irish Rail ICR with Purple Doors?

About a week ago an Irish Rail ICR rolled past me. These parade by at such regularity that I often pay them little notice. Nice to travel on, but common.

Hey, wait . . . did that one have purple doors? (Since delivery in 2007-2008, these have been forest green).

It did. And I failed to even lift the camera to make a photo.

Shame on me.

So, the other day in nice light when an ICR approached, I was ready. And this one too had the purple doors.

Lumix LX7 photo.

I wasn’t out for the ICR, but rather for the down IWT liner (container train to Ballina, County Mayo) that was running late. Actually, I was on my way to buy batteries for my Nikon F3, which had failed the day before. The stop at Islandbridge Junction was a sideshow.

Lumix LX7 photo.

Reminder: Tomorrow night (28 Feb 2019 at 730pm) at the Irish Railway Record Society in Dublin, I will present my slide show on General Motors Diesels in the USA. The talk is open to the public. The IRRS Dublin premises is in an old brick and stone building along the Liffey near Heuston Station opposite the entrance to the public car park.

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5 comments on “Brian’s Morning View at Islandbridge: An Irish Rail ICR with Purple Doors?

  1. To me the colour looked more ‘barney’ and less ‘Mr. Blue sky’, but these things are subjective and interpreted in ever changing light conditions.

  2. It’s actually blue. That’d be the recently refurbished set, with that a deep cleaning, new arm covers, changing of the hand holds to grey from yellow, USBs at every seat. The panels underneath the saloon windows have been replaced with lamigraf material. Flip down table seats resprayed in a dark blue colour from white. And the seat covers will be replaced once a design has been settled on.
    It’s only the front car’s doors to highlight the wheelchair and bikes doors from the rest. To make identification of them easier.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    They’re actually blue, that’d be the recently redone set, including that, deep cleaning, changing the hand grabs to grey from yellow and a few other changes. Just the front car doors have been repainted, to make it more obvious the which the wheelchair/bike doors are.

  4. Thanks! Changes and corrections have been implemented.

  5. Edward Harrison on said:

    Check your spelling! and/an by/buy?

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