M-420 and a Diamond.

In my younger days, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the Montreal Locomotive Works M-420s. I viewed them as ugly derivations of my favorite Alco RS-11s and C-420s.

That irrational bias never prevented me from photographing the M-420s at work. Since both Central Vermont and Providence & Worcester operated M-420s, they seemed common enough to me when I was photographing in southern New England in the 1980s.

I found this P&W M-420 getting ready for a day’s work near the diamond crossing at Plainfield, Connecticut in June 1986.

I exposed this view on Kodak black & white 120 size film using my father’s Rollei model T.

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One comment on “M-420 and a Diamond.

  1. daniel s on said:

    Love the triangles of the track, which reflect the triangles in the droopy corners of the side windows of the locomotive. And yes, yesterday’s ugly duckling can become one of today’s favorites!

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