Les Paul and Whose Train is This?— Or a Wink of Sun.

These days, leading locomotives don’t necessarily reflect the operator or even the originator of long distance freights. In fact this is a Canadian National train, working the old Wisconsin Central line.

Musical legend and an electric guitar inventor, Les Paul was from Waukesha, and here a thoroughfare has been named for him. Its elevated crossing of CN made for nice vistas in both directions.

Although it was partly cloudy, momentarily brilliant morning sun made for nice illumination.

A unit potash train  led by Norfolk Southern 9400 rolls along below Les Paul Boulevard in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Notice the old-school code lines to the left of the railroad.

Exposed using my FujiFilm XT1 with 90mm lens.

Tracking the Light posts daily.

2 comments on “Les Paul and Whose Train is This?— Or a Wink of Sun.

  1. Thanks for the mention of Les Paul. For the record Les is credited with inventing numerous recording techniques that are used today and with inventing the solid body electric guitar. The electric guitar had been around for a while.

    A self-guided tour of the Les Paul sites in Waukesha is available at the Waukesha County Museum and at many of the downtown Waukesha merchants as well as http://www.lespaulfoundation.org.

  2. I didn’t know you were home! Brian

  3. Dennis Janssen on said:

    Half a mile from my house! Why didn’t you stop in and say “hello”?

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