When the News Reminds me of a Warm Day in 2007.

Add this to the list of, ‘You just couldn’t make this stuff up’:

Yesterday, on my drive to work in rural New Hampshire, a radio broadcast reminded of a blistering hot day in July 2007 when photographer Denis McCabe and I explored L’viv making photos of trains. This broadcast described a garage reportedly destroyed by a Russian missile-strike in L’viv earlier in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon, Denis pinpointed for me the location of the bombed garage as a building that he and I would have walked by not long after I’d exposed this July 2007 photograph of a UZ 2M62 diesel. (The building stood about about 700 feet behind me in this photo.)

This isn’t the sort of story I’d ever imagine featuring on Tracking the Light.

Exposed on Fujichrome in July 2007 using a Nikon F3 with 24mm Nikon lens.

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