Amtrak Train 654 passes Gap

Working with the Amtrak/Via Real Time Live Map ap (, I was able to pinpoint within a few minutes when Amtrak 654 eastbound from Harrisburg would pass Gap, Pennsylvania, where Kris and I were waiting for the train.

This Amtrak train featured a short push-pull consist with a former Budd-Metroliner cab control car at the east end and ACS-64 625 at the back.

Amtrak 654 eastbound on the former Pennsyvlania Railroad at Gap, PA.
Siemens-built ACS-64 number 625 pushes at the rear of the train.

To stop the action, I set my Nikon Z6 at 1/2000th of a second and exposed bursts of photos as the train zipped by us.

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