South Monson—1983 & 2018

I’ve had a special request from a regular Tracking the Light subscriber for more Central Vermont. So here we go! Read on . . .

I grew up less three miles from the South Monson crossing, where the Central Vermont Railway crosses Route 32 near the sand & gravel company.

On July 21, 1983, I made one of my earliest solo train chases by car. (Previously, I chased on a ten-speed).

I’d followed a northward CV freight from Stateline toward Palmer, where this met a southward freight led by GP9 4442.

Old 4442 was my favorite of CV’s GP9s. It was my favorite for no other reason than it always seemed to lead the freight coming through Monson, and was almost always in Palmer during my forays there.

I made this view of 4442 southbound crossing Route 32.

Fast forward to August 7, 2018. I’d stepped out of Monson Savings Bank in time to see New England Central GP38 3850 work through town with the Federal Railroad Administration inspection train.

My first point of interception was at the South Monson Crossing.

Digital photo of NECR 3850 leading a southward FRA inspection train at South Monson.
This is nearly the same angle that I’d taken back in 1983.

In the intervening years between these two trains, the trees and line-side foliage have grown!

Also, I notice that my youthful enthusiasm for catching the train in motion seems to have resulted in a more successful photographic composition than my more skilled efforts.

This last point is a topic I plan to explore in great depth in upcoming Tracking the Light posts.

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