Truss Bridge at Fabyan, New Hampshire.

Last year I traveled by this bridge on various occasions, and photographed it from the front of a locomotive,  and I’ve been wanting to make satisfactory images of it from the ground

Recently fellow photographer Kris Sabbatino and I stopped by the oldl truss bridge for a closer look.

This is located on the portion of the former Maine Central Mountain Division owned by the State of New Hampshire and operated by the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Notice the unusual mix of lattice-type and solid steel cross members.

These photographs were made using my FujiFilm XT1 with 12mm Zeiss Touit.

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2 comments on “Truss Bridge at Fabyan, New Hampshire.

  1. Hello Lincoln,
    Conway Scenic Railroad uses this bridge in the autumn when its ‘Notch Train’ (soon to become the Mountaineer) has an extended run to Fabyan, typically during peak foliage season September and October. Very occasionally special trains also use the line. However from November to May the tracks are dormant. There’s a vestige of a builders plate at the west end of the bridge. I’ll see if I can find a photo of it. Brian Solomon

  2. Lincoln Reed on said:

    Great old bridge . Any builders plates left ? Very cool structure . I can see the Telltale in the through the bridge shot . I love it . Do the trains traverse this section of line ?

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