May TRAINS Features Conway Scenic.

May 2020 Trains Cover.

My epic 8-page article on the Conway Scenic Railroad appears in the May 2020 Trains Magazine.

Months of research and personal experience contributed to my writing and illustrating this feature.

It was my hope to distill the railroad’s history, operations and spirit into these 8 pages.

Ironically, the magazine arrived the week following the railroad entering its unplanned period of dormancy owing to the on-going COVID-19 crisis and New Hampshire’s mandates in reaction to the crisis.

The photo below shows the waiting room on Friday afternoon with the first of several coats of fresh polyurethane in anticipation of the 2020 operating season.

12mm view with XT1 fitted with a Zeiss Touit.

Although ‘cocooned,’ with its operations postponed, Conway Scenic will continue to make preparations to reopen when the time is right to do so.

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5 comments on “May TRAINS Features Conway Scenic.

  1. Dave Paterson on said:

    Congratulations on the article, Brian, as well as your new role at the Conway Scenic. I enjoyed chatting with you last June while waiting for the 7470 at Frankenstein trestle.

    Dave Paterson

  2. Thanks Steve! Glad you enjoyed it. Brian

  3. DAVID N CLINTON on said:

    Good going, Brian. I look forward to getting my copy and reading the article. I love the CSRR and rode the second weekend of its existence in 1974. Dave

  4. Great read and photos.

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