Wroclaw Trams and a Dodgy Character.

Traveling to Wrocław Poland from Prague in May 2000 was an adventure, but it seemed like an easy puzzle to solve when compared to trying to locate the Polish letter ‘ł’ (which should appear as a letter ‘L’ but with a slash mid-way through its flank) on my Apple.

The good news is that computers have the ability to provide a variety of obscure characters.

The bad news is that finding these characters hidden in the maze of Apple’s darker recesses requires opaque-puzzle finding skills and supreme patience! (Not my forté!)

I gave up, but Pop was able to pry from the darkness the key to producing a ‘ł’ on the MAC.


Now, I wonder, can you see the ‘ł’ on your device du jour?

Oh yeah, and while visiting Wrocław, I spent some time photographing the trams there.

Cool city, well worth a visit.

Tracking the Łight posts daily!

7 comments on “Wroclaw Trams and a Dodgy Character.

  1. Hi, I’ll make a correction. Thanks!

  2. I see two Konstal built trams, not CKD Tatra!

  3. David Cook on said:

    Nice evening photo of blue-&-yellow #2362 on Route 7, Brian.

  4. I didn’t include the special character in the title for fear that it might not reproduce correctly; only in the body of the text.
    Thank you for the detailed response, that will help with future posts!

  5. Thank you for the update. I hope to visit again sometime. I was last in Wroclaw in 2002, so I’m over due!
    All the best,

  6. David W on said:

    The unusual symbol is shown in the text on my PC running Win 10 Home and Firefox. The WordPress email shows the character in the email text but does not show it in the email’s subject line or in the title in the email. (Thunderbird is the email client.)

    I get the same email results with gmail on my Android phone.

  7. robert butler on said:

    I lived there for a few years and they still have a few of those left, but many have been replaced by skoda and other types now. The network there is very extensive and convenient to get around town. They have become much more tourist friendly since they hosted the European center of culture in 2016

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