Sacramento Light Rail; Two Chromes.

I’ve made numerous photos of Sacramento California’s Regional Transit District light rail system, all of them on film.

Here are two scans from color slides that were exposed nearly 19 years apart.

In November 1989,I exposed this pan of a light rail car near the California State Capitol building.
This elevated view of a light rail train at Florin Road, south of downtown Sacramento was made on Fujichrome using a Canon EOS3 with a 24mm lens.

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2 comments on “Sacramento Light Rail; Two Chromes.

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Nice pics….BUT, why black roof that increase the A/C cost of keeping the interior at a somewhat comfy interior.??????

    • An excellent question! I wondered about the dark roof (navy blue, rather than black BTW) but from an aesthetical perspective. Perhaps in the 12 years since I made the photo the color has been corrected. I don’t know, since I rarely frequent California these days. Brian S

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