Boston & Maine Station at Ely, Vermont with Cotton Candy Sky.

On Friday January 24, 2020, I made a series of photos of the former Boston & Maine station at Ely, Vermont.

These views were made looking south toward White River Junction and show the station in partial silhouette against a wintery cotton-candy sky.

I exposed them in RAW using my Lumix LX7 and processed the files using light room to make the most of the dramatic sky.

Tracking the Light post Daily!

4 thoughts on “Boston & Maine Station at Ely, Vermont with Cotton Candy Sky.”

  1. Full of drama, Brian! Well done!

    I had no idea the station was in such wonderful shape.


    1. An architect who works out of White River Junction restored it and I believe calls it home. A favorite spot of mine, I was fortunate enough to meet the architect at a CVRHS convention in WRJ years back, and heard some of the story of his restoration.

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