Welcome 2020!

Here’s a portrait view of Conrail B23-7 2020 that I made back in 1988 east of Chester, Massachusetts. (Not seeing portrait orientation? Click on Tracking the Light!).

Although I previously posted this image on Tracking the Light, I thought it was a cool way to welcome the New Year!

I wonder what happened to this old GE diesel?

The year 2020 will see my new book on Conrail and its predecessors which is expected in the Spring from Kalmbach Media.

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6 comments on “Welcome 2020!

  1. Thanks Dan! Sorry to hear the 2020 isn’t around anymore.

  2. David A Cook on said:

    A Guid Ne’er, Brian (as they say in Scotland.)

  3. David W on said:

    The second and third units also appear to be GEs.

  4. Dan Howard on said:

    CR historical society (http://conrailphotos.thecrhs.org/Information/B23-7-Dispositions) indicates: 2020 B23-7 GE 42567 to NS 4085. It is not listed by them as a survivor: http://conrailphotos.thecrhs.org/ConrailSurvivors/Locomotives/GE/B23-7

  5. Conrail and its Predecessors has a broad scope covering from Boston to Chicago, from Albany to Mingo Jct, with vintage views spanning several decades, featuring numerous locations, lots of locomotives and trains, and embodies the Spirit of Conrail. It’s not intended to be comprehensive or encyclopedic though and focuses on areas that I felt were of the greatest interest.

  6. Josh hamilton on said:

    Looking forward to the new book! Does it cover the entire system?

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