Final Frame

Would you believe I almost threw this away?

I processed two rolls of Ilford HP5 last week. The final frame appeared as a blank lightly tinted gray rectangle. I nearly cut if off the end of roll when putting the negatives into the sleeve.

It was only when I scanned the photos that I saw the ghostly locomotive fading into its own misty effluence.

Conway Scenic Railroad’s 7470 in December 2019.

This wouldn’t have been the first time I accidently threw away my own work!

I’m glad I noticed it before it was too late!

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4 thoughts on “Final Frame”

  1. I would of left it in the trash! What a crappy photo for your last one of the year. With all the beautiful work you do, a nice sunset scene with your semaphores would have been much more appropriate. Enough of the CSRR!

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