State Line Hill: Another ‘Ugly’ Alco and a Caboose!—Three photos.

Following up on yesterday’s post ‘M420 and a diamond,’ here are three more photos from the same roll of black & white film exposed in June 1986.

These photos portray a northward Central Vermont local freight on State Line Hill at Stafford Hollow Road in Monson, Massachusetts.

Keep in mind that with each roll of 120 size film I obtained 16 frames by using a ‘super slide’ insert in my dad’s Rolliei Model T. 

The points here are: 

1)  I budgeted my film judiciously. 

2) MLW M420 diesels were a comparatively easy catch. 

3) Maybe I overstated my distaste for these ‘Ugly Alcos’.

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One thought on “State Line Hill: Another ‘Ugly’ Alco and a Caboose!—Three photos.”

  1. Re “ugly Alcos”

    My only contact was at the P&W facility in Worcester. In the early Eighties they had a mini-zoo there, I have slides.

    Two summers ago, summer, prior to a St Lawrence cruise, I noted that two original configurations (switchers) from Montreal were on the R&S roster in Quebec, but I never got near the place.

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