Conway Scenic December 17, 2019—A Spin and a Surprise Twist

In a world of splashy announcements, bold publicity stunts and loud pronouncements, occasionally subtlety, allusion and understatement still have a place.

Also, I’m always curious to learn who’s paying attention and who just looks at the pictures. (Sometimes the long posts with allusive titles offer the most important messages).

Yesterday, as I was standing in the snow to record Boston & Maine F7A 4268 that was brought out of Conway Scenic Railroad’s North Conway roundhouse for a spin on the turntable, my friends Dave and Rhonda Swirk quietly announced that I was taking on a full-time position at the railroad in Marketing and Event planning.

And there’s the surprise twist!

Clear signals for exciting things coming down the line! (Bigger bolder pronouncements later).

Tracking the Light will continue to post daily!

13 comments on “Conway Scenic December 17, 2019—A Spin and a Surprise Twist

  1. Congratulations, Brian.
    The Conway Scenic Railroad certainly made a fine decision!
    Season’s greetings, and thank you for all the fine photography you’ve shared this year!

  2. Richard Turle on said:

    Really liked these photos of a F7A on the turntable. The colur was great

  3. David W on said:

    Congratulations, sir! You have been doing a wonderful job with the photos you have shared. With your interviews, your portfolio may be a little larger than just the railroad.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Believe in that WE pay attention ! Congrats on The “new Position” I know it’s early but have a wonderful Christmas to you and your family !

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Congratulations – just the season to take up a position (almost) in the White Mountains!

    Michael Walsh

  6. Bill Sample on said:

    Congratulations, Brian. Maybe we’ll see you up there during “Steam in the Snow.”

  7. Tom Warger on said:

    Congratulations! How smart of them.

    Will there also be a new book of photographs documenting the Conway Scenic?

  8. Stephen H on said:

    Congratulations on the new job, Brian! And the announcement was made on an auspicious railway day in Ireland – the 185th anniversary of the country’s railway, the Dublin & Kingstown Rly.

  9. Congratulations and mazel tov!

  10. Edward Harrison on said:

    congratulations on your new job.

  11. Jason A. DiTolla on said:

    Congratulations Brian! Wish you all the best!

    Jason A. DiTolla
    Delaware and Ulster Railroad

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