January 2020 Trains Magazine—Views from Across the Pond

Trains Magazine cover photo by Jim Wrinn.

My author’s advance copy of the January 2020 Trains Magazine arrived the other day.

This features my latest column titled ‘Observations from Across the Pond’

This begin with one journey and ends up some place altogether.

My column appears on page 15 of the January 2020 issue.
Among the dozens of trains I photographed on my September 2019 visit to Germany was this DB freight led by a new Siemens Vectron electric exiting the Loreley Tunnel along the east bank (right bank) of the Rhein.

Tracking the Light is Brian Solomon’s DAILY Railway Photography Blog.

3 comments on “January 2020 Trains Magazine—Views from Across the Pond

  1. I absolutely love trains! Trains are most definitely my thing!

  2. Thanks Doug. My photo required a bit of a drive and some hiking. Although, you could reach the spot by walking from the station at Sankt Goarhausen. It would be about a 2 mile walk.


  3. Douglas Kydd on said:

    Not your typical “from the platform” shot (which is mostly what I shoot when overseas. Rather, this is more like Soapstone curve, Zoar, or East Portal!

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