Stop the Car!

Often I have a pretty good idea what’s on the program. Yet, sometimes when traveling, I come across completely unexpected.

So for me this was a surprise: The Linmag Railgrinder at Banteer, County Cork.

So let’s back up: last week it was dull and drizzly. I was traveling by road with Ken Fox in rural north county Cork. As we approached Irish Rail’s Banteer Station, one of the railway’s smaller halts, I spotted this Linmag rail grinder in the sidings east of the station platforms,  I said, ‘whoa! Stop the Car!’

Ken found it amusing, when I leapt out, cameras in hand, to photograph this interesting rail maintenance equipment.

Irish Rail doesn’t own its own modern rail grinder so it contracts Linmag to profile its rails.

I exposed these views using my FujiFilm XT1.


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2 comments on “Stop the Car!

  1. Robert Willoughby Jones on said:

    I always admire your craft, Brian, which you have honed so beautifully. Today’s images are deeply rich and vibrant and yet the weather is grim. Somehow you give the pictures a soft warmth that makes them exemplary. You have a daring sense of composition and I always feel your ideas are fresh.