Steam and Diesels at Connolly Station Dublin-7 photos!

After photographing Railway Preservation Society of Ireland’s private charter crossing the Liffey in Dublin, and catching the train with the TESCO painted Red Line tram at Gardiner Street, I walked briskly to make more photos of the train arriving at Connolly station.

Steam locomotive number 4 was unhooked and sent to Connolly shed, while Irish Rail 082 took its place to bring the RSPI Cravens across to Inchicore Works.

I made these photos using my FujiFilm XT1.

Nothing sweeter than a wink of sun. A colourful collection of Irish Rail EMDs at Connolly.
Just a few frames remaining on my card, so make each one count!

The camera battery was flashing red and my storage card was alarmingly low on pixels. Where were my film cameras? Not with me at Connolly.

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2 comments on “Steam and Diesels at Connolly Station Dublin-7 photos!

  1. I’m familiar with the old BR gen-van, having experienced its fine ride on a variety of occasions.082 is a howler and always makes for some great sound. Probably the best of all the Irish Rail 071 class in terms of sound. Brian Solomon

  2. David A Cook on said:

    Brian, Don’t forget, the maroon generator-car is an ex-British Railways Mk.I – I expect BR built it themselves. Good photos. Have to say I would go for 082 anytime – what a noise when opened out!!

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