One Year Ago-August 1, 2018.

On this day last year, I was traveling with Chris Guss, photographing Canadian National’s Wisconsin Central line.

I made this view of a CN local freight at Ackerville, Wisconsin using my old Lumix LX7. You can see my shadow in the foreground.

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2 thoughts on “One Year Ago-August 1, 2018.”

  1. So, in 2018 CN were still employing the same detergent for cleaning locos that the Western Region of British Railways used in the 1970s/80s!! At that time the WR’s fleet of diesel-hydraulic locos suffered badly from fading paint-work as the detergent took its toll on the loco liveries. Eventually a new formula was tried and the paint stayed on the locos!
    What goes around comes around………

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