Fortuity at Bardwell’s Ferry: Lenticular Truss and an Eastward Freight.

Or call this ‘DASH-9 in the Woods’.

Friday (July 5, 2019), I was rambling about with my cousin Stella—visiting from California—when we paused at Bardwell’s Ferry,.

The ferry is long gone. Instead a well-preserved pin-connected lenticular truss bridge carries the road over Massachusetts’ Deerfield River.

While we were photographing the bridge and river, I thought my ears tricked me; the rushing water sounded remarkably like a distant freight.

Since this wasn’t a serious rail-photo excursion, I hadn’t brought my scanner.

I went back to the car to get my omnipresent notebook, when I heard a whistle!

The flashers on Bardwell’s Ferry road illuminated, and sure enough there was an eastward Pan Am Southern freight approaching!

Working with my FujiFilm XT1 with 18-135mm zoom lens, I exposed this series of photos.

I assume that this was symbol freight 16R which forwards Norfolk Southern traffic from Enola (Pennsylvania) and East Binghamton (New York) to Pan Am’s East Deerfield Yard. Without a scanner or positive confirmation, guess is all I can do.

An eastward Pan-Am Southern freight approaches the crossing of Bardwell’s Ferry Road.
I anticipated the window of sunlight east of the crossing and adjusted my exposure accordingly.

As the freight approached, I pulled back the zoom lens to widen my field of view. Not all railroad photos can be exposed in full sunlight, but in this case I think the shadowy effect works well.

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3 comments on “Fortuity at Bardwell’s Ferry: Lenticular Truss and an Eastward Freight.

  1. David A. Cook on said:

    Nice photos, Brian. I hope Cousin Stella appreciated incidental rail-fanning…….! I know the diesel-smoke enhances the first 3 pictures, but…….it doesn’t say much for NS’s engine maintenance! No good having eco-friendly GEs if you don’t give them regular TLC!

  2. The bridge is c1880s. If you google ‘Lenticular truss’ all sorts of information comes up. I can’t say how much is accurate.
    The bridge at Bardwell’s Ferry is on the only one that I’ve ever seen like it, although there is a much smaller lenticular truss in West Warren, Mass, but that is not a through ‘box’ truss and uses lenticular side members.

  3. Paul Roth on said:

    Looks like the Smithfield St bridge in Pittsburgh. Same engineer (Lindenthal)? Are there many more of these beauties extant?

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