Fortuity at Bardwell’s Ferry: Lenticular Truss and an Eastward Freight.

Or call this ‘DASH-9 in the Woods’.

Friday (July 5, 2019), I was rambling about with my cousin Stella—visiting from California—when we paused at Bardwell’s Ferry,.

The ferry is long gone. Instead a well-preserved pin-connected lenticular truss bridge carries the road over Massachusetts’ Deerfield River.

While we were photographing the bridge and river, I thought my ears tricked me; the rushing water sounded remarkably like a distant freight.

Since this wasn’t a serious rail-photo excursion, I hadn’t brought my scanner.

I went back to the car to get my omnipresent notebook, when I heard a whistle!

The flashers on Bardwell’s Ferry road illuminated, and sure enough there was an eastward Pan Am Southern freight approaching!

Working with my FujiFilm XT1 with 18-135mm zoom lens, I exposed this series of photos.

I assume that this was symbol freight 16R which forwards Norfolk Southern traffic from Enola (Pennsylvania) and East Binghamton (New York) to Pan Am’s East Deerfield Yard. Without a scanner or positive confirmation, guess is all I can do.

An eastward Pan-Am Southern freight approaches the crossing of Bardwell’s Ferry Road.
I anticipated the window of sunlight east of the crossing and adjusted my exposure accordingly.

As the freight approached, I pulled back the zoom lens to widen my field of view. Not all railroad photos can be exposed in full sunlight, but in this case I think the shadowy effect works well.

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3 thoughts on “Fortuity at Bardwell’s Ferry: Lenticular Truss and an Eastward Freight.”

  1. Nice photos, Brian. I hope Cousin Stella appreciated incidental rail-fanning…….! I know the diesel-smoke enhances the first 3 pictures, but…….it doesn’t say much for NS’s engine maintenance! No good having eco-friendly GEs if you don’t give them regular TLC!

  2. Looks like the Smithfield St bridge in Pittsburgh. Same engineer (Lindenthal)? Are there many more of these beauties extant?

    1. The bridge is c1880s. If you google ‘Lenticular truss’ all sorts of information comes up. I can’t say how much is accurate.
      The bridge at Bardwell’s Ferry is on the only one that I’ve ever seen like it, although there is a much smaller lenticular truss in West Warren, Mass, but that is not a through ‘box’ truss and uses lenticular side members.

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