CSX-West Warren Waterfall.

Exposed with a FujiFilm XT-1 with 27mm pancake lens. RAW file adjusted using Lightroom to create a Jpg for digital presentation. Photo at West Warren, Massachusetts along the former Boston & Albany route.


 Last Tuesday, June 25, 2019, I’d photographed an eastward CSX intermodal train at Palmer, Massachusetts that took the controlled siding at CP83 and then eased up to the east end of the siding at CP79.
I took a chance and drove expeditiously to West Warren in anticipation of a westward freight. I was rewarded for my efforts.
The lighting was tricky but colorful. The sunrise was heavily tempered by clouds rolling in from the west.
To make the most of the contrasty scene, I used a Lee graduated neutral density filter over the front of my lens to reduce exposure in the sky, and then underexposed the entire scene by about two thirds of a stop. I used the in-camera histogram to gauge my exposure by aiming to obtain minimal loss of detail in highlight and shadow areas. To the eye, my RAW files seem a little dark, but this is by intent.
In post processing, I lightened shadow areas while controlling highlights in an effort to replicate scene as I saw it.
Such are the challenges with modern photography. With black and white film, I would have exposed for the shadows and printed for the highlights, but that technique won’t work with digital photography. Where black & white film could hold great detail in dense highlights, but suffered from thin and detail-less shadow regions, digital sensors have the opposite sensitivity range.
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  1. Many years ago (60+) I worked for [Dave] Tracht & [George] Roche, a supplier of 12 week old chickens to the Broiler and Fryer market . Based in Palmer (MA), they leased vacant factories to raise chickens by the thousands – the Mill at Warren, MA in particular. This 7 days/week high school summer job was filling in for men on 2-3 week summer vacations. The Mill at Warren was one of my ‘workspaces’

    It was there that I enjoyed the occasional passing freight. Pleasant memories indeed!

    BTW, I occasionally visited Palmer to watch train activity – I lived in Southbridge, MA.

    Thanks for the Trains magazine photos and articles – keep it up!

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