Boston & Maine F7As at North Conway.

Is this a rare view?

The other morning I was up with the sunrise at North Conway, New Hampshire, home to the Conway Scenic Railroad.

I noticed that the parking lot, often filled with cars, was all but empty and only one vehicle was obstructing the view of the two Boston & Maine F7A diesels that reside in the yard near the shop.

That one vehicle was my own.

So I moved it, and then made these photos in the rich June morning sun using my Lumix LX7.

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One comment on “Boston & Maine F7As at North Conway.

  1. Robert Willoughby Jones on said:

    It’s always a pleasure to experience B&M diesels in their newly-painted state. The red is much richer and brighter than is commonly reproduced in models. Over time that original red darkened with the sun and weather. The red as seen here matches what was used on the road’s E-units as well as the window stripe on the stainless-steel passenger cars.

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