Conway Scenic 7470 Switches the Yard.

Lumix LX7 photo. Engine 7470 switches a tank car full of water at North Conway. (Note the blue placard).

FujiFilm XT1 photo.

Experiencing steam in action is always a thrill.

Over the last few weeks, Conway Scenic has been working its former Grand Trunk 0-6-0 on short runs in preparation for the summer season and for its big outing over Crawford Notch to the end of the line at Hazen’s Crossing near Whitefield on June 29, 2019.

Last Saturday (June 22), I was up early to catch 7470 working the yard at North Conway. Call me a purist, but I found watching this 0-6-0 switching freight and passenger cars in preparation for its daily excursion work more enchanting than the excursions themselves.


First of all, as an 0-6-0, engine 7470 was intended for switching, so what better assignment could it have?

Secondly, the crisp morning with rich low June sun made for nearly ideal photographic conditions.

I made these digital images using my Lumix LX7 and FujiFilm XT1 cameras.

This week, I’ll be scoping places on the old Maine Central Mountain Division looking for the best photographic vantage points to catch 7470 on its ascent of Crawford Notch. The train is scheduled to depart North Conway at 9am.

If you are interested, tickets are still available for the trip, which includes rare mileage from Fabyans to Hazens.

Call Conway Scenic for tickets: (603) 356-5251.

Or check out their website at:

Tickets for the special excursion may be booked by selecting the ‘Notch Train’ for June 29, 2019 and choosing one of several seating options.

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One comment on “Conway Scenic 7470 Switches the Yard.

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hooray – a picture again!!!

    Still waiting to see Cobh Junction and the News Orleans Streetcar!

    Michael (Anonymous) Walsh

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